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Carstensen and Sons Trucking, Inc. was co-founded in 1981 by Al & Gail Carstensen and incorporated in 1983. Al & Gail quit their corporate jobs to start a trucking company hauling cement to Gail’s father in Granite Falls, MN. Starting with one tractor trailer, Al began delivering cement. Al & Gail raised six children, four boys and two girls. The boys started working at a young age washing tractors, greasing and changing oil.  Two of their sons went to school for Diesel Mechanics. Today Matt is the General Manager and we’ve grown to 24 trucks, 44 trailers, 5 PIG storage units.  We added our 1st Owner Operator in 2018 and we now have 11. We haul dry bulk commodities including powder cement, flash, lime, sand, salt and urea using pneumatic trailers. Al drives truck and does mechanic work, and Gail continues to help in the office as needed. As we continue to grow, we have also added many other services. In September of 2016 we acquired our brokerage authority which allows us to hire other carriers to help when we have more going on than what just our fleet can handle. We have started doing outside mechanic work in our shop including axel alignments and diesel engine cleaning see below for more detailed info on those services. We have three full time mechanics on staff. We are able to do most of the work needed on our own equipment, from simple tire changes to full services. We have two MN DOT certified employees. We have a wash bay, mobile service truck and many other capabilities.  In 2021 we built a new facility that allows us to open to the public for those services and we are now equipped for tank wash outs and exterior washes. We take pride in making sure our equipment is always running in top shape.
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Carstensen & Sons Trucking

We specialize in pneumatic transportation needs